What is Predictions by Hodl Hodl

Predictions by Hodl Hodl is a marketplace where you can go and create a prediction, and complete a contract with any user that accepts your offer, where the conditions of the payout depend on the outcome of a certain event.

Your predictions can be associated with absolutely any event in the world, and payouts are only made with Bitcoin.

How does it work

To make this possible, Hodl Hodl provides you with a solution:

  • An offer desk

Simply put, it’s a place where you can find other users predictions and create your own;

  • Escrow solution

For each contract we generate two multisig addresses, where the funds are being stored safely during the prediction contract, with two out of three keys needed for release.

  • Resolving disputes

In case of a disagreement between the two parties on the prediction contract’s outcome, Hodl Hodl intervenes and resolves the dispute.

Contract workflow

When you create an offer and someone accepts it, or you accept an existing offer, a contract is created.

  1. You create or accept an existing prediction offer, thus, creating a prediction contract.
  2. Contract is created, Hodl Hodl generates unique multisig escrows for it.
  3. Both contract parties deposit bitcoins in the escrow directly from their wallets.
  4. Outcome of event is coming, and both parties decide: who was right & who was wrong.
  5. The right side releases bitcoins from multisig escrow directly to its wallet.

This is how our prediction platform works & how you can earn money!

Use cases

If you’re not sure whether this platform may be useful to you, here are some examples of use cases from existing predictions.

  • Stock prices

You can buy public company shares, and try predicting the price of that stock. Choose any public company, e.g. Google, and predict the price of its shares by, for example, the end of 2020.

  • Oil price

If you’re long on renewable energy, you would probably expect the price of oil to fall at some point — predict when exactly.

  • Outcome of sports events

If you are a fan of any sport, you can predict the outcome, let’s say, of the Champions League final next year, or the outcome of a UFC fight.